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The Key to Getting Paid Much More As A Writer

Perhaps you think I will tell you to raise your rates or work longer hours in order to increase your income as a writer. But actually the techniques I am about to show you are mainly focused around efficiency, scalability, and stabilshing more source of income.

Efficiency simply means doing more in less time without sacrifing quality. There are several ways a writers can increase her/his income my eliminating or reducing the time spend on some daily tasks; thus allowing the writer to have more time to concentrate on writing, which in turn increases the number of writing assignments a writer can complete in a specific time period. Hence automatically increasing her/his income by 6%.

you might be thinking 6% is not that big of a pay raise, but if you consider that most jobs give an average annual raise of 3% to employees, then you can see why you automatiically will be giving yourself the equivalent of a two-year raise practically over-night; plus any little increase in income helps, after all it is the collective of many things today that will significally increase your income as a writer. You will not get a big bang raise by just doing a one single thing in this report, you actually have to do them all concurrently to see the great benefits in my methods.

Scalability on the other hand refers to the ability as a writer to create $10 to $100 additional source of income daily and then repeating it 100 times over and over again. If anyone tells you will be able to make thousands of dollars doing this one single thing, they are probably lying. However it is relatively easy to work on a writing assignment that will pay you $2o or $50 dollars, all you have to do to make thousands of dollars is repeat the same type of task many times. I will show you specific examples on to go about doing this shortly.

Multiple Sources of Income Again the key to make much more money writing is not to hope for a big single pay day, that it is to use leverage on a small attainable income producing activity. Basically I will show you how to put in place many and concurrent sources of income from your writing that can allow you reach any financial goal you wish. We have many outgoing expenses in our livees, but usually only one incoming money source. The only way to have a lot residual income after we pay our bills is to have multiple sources of income.

The following list of activities is the key to getting paid much more as a writer:

#1. Put Your Assignment Seach On Cruise Control

Writing is not the only thing you do when you are a writer; we spead a lot of time doing administrative tasks, the two most time consuming tasks are searching for new assigments and processing paperwork (such as contracts and invoicing) and communication with our clients.

There is no need for writers to spend time and energy on those routine, time-consuming adminstrative tasks any more. Today there are many online services that do all that for us, from assignment search, job vetting, contracts and invoicing. All writers need to do is write, you would be amazed how much more money you can make if you spend most of your time writing.

Most of thise writing job services work as follows:

  • You sign up for the service only. It costs you nothing.
  • You tell them what type of assignments you would like to be considered for, include your rate
  • They will search for writing assignments that meet your requirement and send them to your email inbox
  • All you do is accept the ones you like, do the assignment and get your money deposited into your bank account

#2. Monetize Your Blog

Writing is what you do right? then you might as well create a community around your career, a place where you can showcase your skills, interact with other writers and and at the same time make passive income from it. so if you don't already have a blog create one, most righters do. There are many ways you can monetize your blog:

  • Sell your eBooks on your blog
  • Banner Advertising
  • If you have a lot of followers, companies may approach you to advertise on your blog.

#3. Ghostwrite for bloggers

Independent and corporate bloggers who can't keep up with the demand of writing regular posts are willing to pay good money for a ghostwriter. These jobs come on a case by case basis, or they can turn into a regular job if the blogger likes your work.

  • Keep an eye out on job sites for postings about this kind of work. You can also apply directly to a ghostwriting firm.
  • Ghostwriters do not get credit for their work. This could potentially hurt you if ghostwriting is all you do, because you won't build a portfolio. Ideally, ghostwriting would be in addition to other writing work.

#4. Slogan Writing

A very popular and simple lucrative passive income stream is slogan writing. I must warn you it doesn’t require extensive writing skills and it is not very prestigious work for a writer, but it easy to do and produces nice recurring income for little work. Plus writing slogans comes very easily for writers.

This is another of those that it is so simple to setup that doesn’t make sense why every writer wouldn’t do it. You usually have to pay a small fee to the service that advertises and sells your slogans, but this is nothing compared to everything these services do for you, including advertising your slogan, selling your slogan, doing all the interaction and payment processing with the buyer, and depositing your check on your bank account.

This is not the entire list of options to make more money as a writer, that is intentionally since it can be overwheming and paralizing. But if you do these three things together you should see a signigicant improvement in yout income as a writer.

About Susan Smith

I am a writer and a blogger with a passion about writing as a business for individuals. I want to help other writers achieve financial success.

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