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Proven Ways For Writers To Cash In On Fiverr

Unless you've been living in a hole the last five years, you've probably heard of Fiverr. The way it works is that you say what you can do for $5, in our case some writing related task and then clients buy the task for you to do.

Many writers don't even try Fiverr due to the $5 per gig reputation it has, but the truth is that you can earn more than $5 per gigs. You will have to understand the value of upselling to make much more than $5 per gig on Fiverr.

Upselling sounds like a big word, but it is nothing more than a sales strategy where the seller will provide opportunities to purchase related products or services, often for the sole purpose of making a larger sale. That's exactly what you will do to make with your writing gigs on Fiverr to make much more. Just follow these simple three steps I discuss below:

Make A Good Sales Pitch

You will start by posting your $5 task with a sales pitch as follows:

  • "I will write an new eBook for you. (Expert Level)"
  • "I will write original website content for you. (Expert Level)"
As you can see you are not promising to deliver an entire eBook or website content for $5, you are just saying you can do that. Additionally you are also placing yourself in a higher position of expertise. Who doesn't want to hire an expert for $5? This will get clients reaching out to you, which will be the beginning of the conversation.

Offer The Cheese, Not The Whole Enchilada

Once the client approaches you it's time to explain what the $5 will get them. This is where you need to put on your sales person hat on, you will offer an outline with ideas and terms specific to their area of work for the $5 task, nothing more.

This is called "Lessen price resistance", which is a is marketing strategy involved in offering an upsell, which conveys extra value. Your clients will view this as getting more for their money, whether or not they take your marketing upsell suggestions.

Upsell Your Extras

Now explain to the client what your extras are and exactly how much it will cost them. For example:

  • $10: Thorough research of an agreed–upon topic
  • $20: Write up to 100 words of original content
  • $50: Write up to 250 words of original content

You would be amazed how many clients you will get with this method. This strategy not just increases your income significantly, but it will get you many more clients on Fiverr. See this is the thing, most clients on Fiverr understand that quality work requires expert level talent and it costs more. They are just not willing to put up all the money outfront, there are various reasons for this; sometimes they just don't have all the money available, but they still want to get their project going. Other times they just don't want to take the risk of hiring someone they don't know online for a $85 or $100 job without knowing what they will get back.

So the client hires you to write the $5 dollar outline and understands your extras pricing, so now what?

Now you need to knock it out of the part on the $5 outline task, you need to impress the living thing out of that client. When you go over and above what is asked by offering ideas that will help your clients get better results, you’ll come across as a stronger option than a competitor who offers nothing more than to complete a single assignment.

What you are doing with that $5 task is building trust, this is what is called "Warming Up" your lead in the marketing world. That's because it's much easier to sell to clients you have a relationship with and who have bought before from you. In our case this client already bought something from you (The $5 task). In fact, according to Marketing Metrics, it's 50% easier to sell something to an existing client than selling to new clients. Plus, existing clients convert at 60-70%, compared to new prospects, who only convert at 5-20%. This means, as a writer, the best time to ask for your next assignment is when you’re done with the first one.

This stragegy works like a charm because clients often present you with a list of items they need. The problem is often what they think they need and what they actually need are two different things. Your job is to recommend what needs to be done to help them reach their goal with the best possible results.

That is the beauty of Fiverr, it puts in front of you an army of potential clients by lowering the resistence barriers with their $5 task reputation. Think of the effort it takes before you can get a prospect client to get to that initial conversation with you (1. Getting prospect contact info 2. Contacting them multiple times 3. Following-Up). Fiverr eliminates all that, no other place on the web gives you that.

Fiverr is a beautiful place for writers to make tons of money if you approach it the right way.

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