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The Good And Bad of Content Mill Writing Gigs

Content mills are one of the most used sources of work for writers nowadays, the internet has transformed the writing industry for good and content mills are part of that change. There are advantages and disadvantages with content mills, and knowing what they are can significantly increase or decrease a writer's cash flow.

The Good About Content Mills

Content mills have many great benefits to writers otherwise they would not be so widely used in the industry. Content mills have provided stay at home parents, disabled or sick writers, and others continue their writing careers without losing a beat. Some content mills charge writers a registration or subscription fee, but it is a negligible amount in most cases that the writers get back on their first assignment.

Below are some of the benefits of content mills

#1 Online Access

Most content mills are available online, which means everything including the assignment search process, assignment application, submission of work, and payment is handled online from the content mill website. No need to leave the home or even meet the person or company you are writing for anymore.

This can be quite convenient for many people who can't or simply prefer not to work outside the home. It also provides great mobility for writers since writers can basically be anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection.

#2 Additional Income

Content mills provide a great alternative of income for writers beyond the traditional means. It allows some writers make extra cash on the side from home, while other writers decide to travel the world, but still need to have an income stream.

Writers are no longer limited by the salaries set by their full time employer or their direct clients, content mills allow writers make as much or as little as they want on a given week or month. Yes, this boost in income comes at the expense of more working hours, increased productivity, and hard work. It is up to each writer to decide how hard he/she wants to work to increase his/her income level.

#2 Abundance

There are tons of content mills out there, so the demand for writing jobs is out there. However not all content mills are the same, some content mills are loaded with low quality writing jobs and clients. However most of them are good and provide a way for you to specify the type assignments you are interested in, including your minimum rate. This allows you to let the content mill do the client and assignment vetting for you; all you have to do is pick the assignments from the list delivered to your email inbox.

The Bad About Content Mills

It is true content mills are a great source of income for writer these days, but there are some issues with content mills that can inhibit a writers ability to financially grow. Below are some of these bad things about content mills.

#1 Too Much Competition

Content mills are flooded with low quality writers that are willing to do the assignments for pennies, this depresses the rates on content mills. This has to do with the global nature of content mills; basically any writer around the world can join the content mill and bid for assignments. The low cost of living in some countries combined with the devaluation of their currency allow these oversea writers do the assignments for a fraction of their counterpart writers from countries with stronger currencies and higher cost of living.

#2 Low Pay Assignments

Content mills assignments come from diverse clients, some clients are big corporations, but you also have many mom and pop operations posting low paying jobs. These clients are only interested in the lowest bidder, quality does not seem to play a role in their hiring decision process. This situation can be quite frustrating for writers, but it can be mitigated to some extent by the assignment criteria you specify on your account settings. Which allow writers specify their minimum rate, however this lowers the number of assignments available to you.

#3 Lack of Specialized Assignments

Most of the assignments found in content mills are what I term general writing assignments, such as article writing, blog writing, eBooks and manuals. As in any industry the more specialized the assignment the higher the pay, which means writers can be missing on higher paying and more professionally satisfying assignments in they only source their assignments from content mills.

I hope this post has informed you well about the good and bad of content mills, the intention of this post is not to discourage any writer from using content mills. Rather to inform writers about the reality of content mills and provide information which allows them to use content mills as part of their income sourcing portfolio in a more efficient and financially rewarding manner.

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